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8/24/2014 1:57:46 AM

Ran outta Sabine again on mission for ling and trips. this dude hammered the big jig when sight casting at ling. water looks great right now. Lots of bait we saw from jetties to 15 miles out.

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Sabine Lake

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6"gulp grub/ feather jig(homemade ling jig)


    1. wsslammer 0
      @natepnguyen They look like a dead fish floating on side when u see em most time. Look closely round anything floating like trash or debris.
    2. wsslammer 0
      @natepnguyen Welcome. Jus a tip. My buds got on bunch big trips other day. 15lbrs. Jus running the tx beach outta Sabine jetties. Chunkin live shrimp under poppin ...more corks at weed mats and trash floating
    3. natepnguyen 0
    4. wsslammer 0
      @natepnguyen. Trips are amazing to eat. Tough call on founder or trips on which is best
    5. natepnguyen 0
      Wow!! Just curios are those good eating?
    6. Hollydoll21 0
      That's awesome I just moved back here and have been itchin to get back on it. Just gotta find some good fishin buddies!
    7. wsslammer 0
      @Hollydoll21 had some friends buddy boat with us today. Also did really well.
    8. wsslammer 0
      @Hollydoll21 great time to be out there. Bring lots of water though. It should continue to be nice as these "easy"cool fronts hit into October. Blue ...more water closer than I've ever seen rt now.
    9. Hollydoll21 0
      @wsslammer Looks like I need to fix my boat And ditch work at some point this week! Thanks for the info
    10. wsslammer 0
      @Hollydoll21 seen alot of small ones jus cple miles off beach though.
    11. wsslammer 0
      @Hollydoll21 this one was bout 5miles out.
    12. Hollydoll21 0
      Where in Sabine? Looks like yall are pretty far out
    13. Steve Halbert 0
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