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8/18/2014 1:56:50 AM

72 degrees sunny slight breeze at about 6:30a.m. I was working this bass for about 15 minutes using a zoom super fluke on a twitch-twitch-set retrieve in about 3 FOW. Fishing with my grandpa is my favorite thing to do even if we don't get a bite it's still a blast! Weighed in at 4.35 ib.

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Largemouth Bass
Caney River

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Zoom super fluke pearl


    1. Dreed97 0
      Oh haha ok, nice fish.
    2. bad_bass 0
    3. bad_bass 0
      No another bass lol @Dreed1997
    4. Dreed97 0
      Is that a bluegill in its mouth? Or is it just me.
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