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8/17/2014 7:35:45 PM

This was Friday morn after storms passed bout 5/6 miles out of Sabine. Water clarity is awesome rt now. Lots of big mats of sea weed with lot of bait around and big ling.

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Cobia (Ling)
Sabine Lake

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live finger mullet/spoons.


    1. wsslammer 0
      @MulletHead It's an 18'6 bay stealth. For an 18ft bay boat it can take a beating. But glad it laid over for Lil bit for us Friday.
    2. Gabe Mitchell 0
      Solid adventure. How big is your bay boat?
    3. wsslammer 0
      Also sight casted at two other nice Ling but they mighta got line shy? Wouldn't take a live finger mullet in their face. Some big triple tail out too. Keep ...more an eye out while running around.
    4. wsslammer 0
      Didn't have that much time to play unfortunately. Caught few trout. But managed to hook a huge ling only to watch him jump bout 3ft up and somehow cut or break ...more 80lb suffix.
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