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Blake Bennett
8/17/2014 5:00:10 PM

My first ever deer hair fly, let me know what you guys think.

Catch Details

Smallmouth Bass
Crooked Creek

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Deer hair popper


    1. Isaac Carey 0
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ..hook with you thumb and 1st finger, then won't your other hand get a good grip on the thread in front of the hair and using the front of your nails, compress ...more really hard. Push a few times. 😉
    3. Chuck LaBruna 0
      Looks better than my first!! Try to pack it tighter and fill the front a bit more. To tightly pack, if you do not have a hair packer tool (don't really need ...more one), hold the hair at the back of the...
    4. Fisherman_Rob 0
      Looks nice
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