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Jonathan Smith
8/17/2014 7:52:01 AM

Started off slow, but ended up having a pretty good night with 6 total. @nathantrafford and I started at 10pm and finished around 2am. This was the best at 4lbs.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lady Bird Lake

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GrandeBass Trophy Hunter Fluke


    1. Jonathan Smith 0
      Yeah guys....keep in mind that I'm 730lbs
    2. nathantrafford 0
      Too far?
    3. nathantrafford 0
      Or like a smart car next to a dump truck
    4. nathantrafford 0
      You have to remember that @jas_atx is a giant human being. It's like putting a cougar next to an elephant. It makes it looks like a house cat. Or like an airplane ...more next to a blimp.
    5. Jonathan Smith 0
      It went in between 4.01 and 4.05 on an Accu-Cull scale. It was definitely a fun catch...especially since things have been fairly slow lately.
    6. atxflyfishing 0
      @fishingarlis that bass is every bit of 4 pounds, if not more
    7. nathantrafford 0
      Hahaha as a matter of fact, I am!
    8. fishingarlis 0
      Ya sounds good. R u giving this advice from a personal experience @nathantrafford
    9. Brian Flanagan 0
      It looks bigger than a 4 to me!! Nice fish!!
    10. Jonathan Smith 0
      This is too funny. Not like we're talking about 10lbs vs 8lbs. And in all seriousness, I am holding it out a bit more than necessary...but it's a 4.
    11. Jonathan Smith 0
      Haha...oh man...this is too funny. Not like we're talking about 10lbs vs 8lbs. Sadly
    12. nathantrafford 0
      @fishingarlis word of advice for when you get older: don't be an idiot.
    13. fishingarlis 0
      I mean maybe a little over 2.5 @whitebass_81
    14. whitebass_81 0
      It's because he's not long arming it like you do, looks like a solid 4. @fishingarlis
    15. fishingarlis 0
      Nice fish but definitely not 4. Probably 2.5
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