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8/9/2014 11:18:04 PM

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Rock Bass

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Bass master crank lure


    1. Chuck LaBruna 0
      ..and have larger heads. That's a Smallmouth, man.
    2. Chuck LaBruna 0
      @ChrisA Yeah, it's a Smallmouth. Was a little tough to tell cuz the pic is blurry, but just judging by the body shape and color it's too lean a fish to be ...more a Rock Bass. Plus, Rock Bass are much more..
    3. ChrisA 0
      Go on google images and you'll see that's definitely a smallmouth. If the dnr actually did check your fish you are very lucky they didn't fine you. @wyldechylde77 ...more can you please confirm the species?
    4. dillon juarez 0
      Small mouth have red eyes sometimes rock bass have a black dot like sunfish near there gill plate
    5. chaserocks 0
      @chrisA it's actually a rock bass it has red eyes and it is perfectly leag all the dnr was on the lake and even checked everything. And said it was leagal I ...more know the legal leangth
    6. ChrisA 0
      That's a smallmouth bass. In Wisconsin to keep a smallmouth it has to be 14 inches. That fish is illegal to keep. In the future know your species better so you ...more don't keep fish that aren't legal.
    7. dillon juarez 0
      That looks like a small mouth
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