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8/8/2014 1:15:56 PM

Windy about 80* w/ murky water.. First cast of the day.. Workin the swimbait thru wind blown weed beds.. He hit with in a foot of the shore must have been tucked under the weeds growing from the bank.. With his violent head shakes u could tell immediately it was a snakehead.. No weight but measured 25in

Catch Details

Northern Snakehead
Potomac River

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Reaction skinny dipper on 1/8oz booyah spinner no skirt


    1. TheBoog 0
      Yup @collinroman
    2. collinroman 0
      Did u kill it ?
    3. Bluegill_Hunter 0
      Nice! Never caught one of those bastards yet
    4. Tim Knecht 0
      Haha I caught a small one the other day and all I had was my pliers to jam through his skull. @BrianScott come on out to MD man we got em all day!
    5. TheBoog 0
      @BrianScott they fight so weird almost like a snake they feel like they're coiling up
    6. TheBoog 0
      Oh yea @tkotattoos dispatched him with a large rock
    7. Brian Mcpherson 0
      Bucket list fish!
    8. Tim Knecht 0
      Nice one!! I need to catch one that size so I can eat em up haha!
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