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8/6/2014 1:44:33 PM

Pre fishing for a tournament in two weeks. I couldn't find any good largemouth off shore but did flip a 6lber of the bank. Schooling fish are chasing small 1/2inch shad. Water temp is 80 and the upper end of the lake is pretty stained. Wind blow rock banks should hold some fish. White bass are schooling like crazy off of points. GL out there guys.

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White Bass
Lake Leon - Eastland County

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Strike king 5xd


    1. Tannerson 0
      Not at this time @Mason_Cizek
    2. Mason Cizek 0
      Is there a video I can watch somewhere? Nice bass man
    3. Tripp Cave 0
      No Problem and it looks like a pretty cool hook set right under the chin
    4. Tannerson 0
      @TCave thanks! Gotta love gopros
    5. Tripp Cave 0
      That's one sweet fish and action shot
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