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8/6/2014 4:29:09 AM

Only catch of the afternoon. Sunset, murky water. Light wind out the east. Casting on side of the pond opposite the drain. 6'6 Alstar Rod. 7.1 pfluger reel. #12 invs seaguard floro

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Largemouth Bass
Pearland Ponds

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3/8 spoon


    1. Rickerstaf 0
      Will do! @bassman183
    2. Bassman138 0
    3. Bassman138 0
      Hit me up anytime and we will go 9189598398
    4. Rickerstaf 0
    5. Rickerstaf 0
      lol good idea
    6. Bassman138 0
      I think it will be even better when it cools off
    7. Bassman138 0
      Well let's keep it hush hush take off the sharing location lol ur the reason I found it
    8. Rickerstaf 0
      @Bassman138 maybe there's a 5-7 lb'er hanging around in there! Hopefully one of us hooks up with it! 👍
    9. Rickerstaf 0
    10. Rickerstaf 0
      I said the same! I don't think they've seen any lures at all. I threw a few different lures and hooked up on all. There's a creek that feeds into it. ...more I think that's has something to do with it.
    11. Bassman138 0
      Went there this morning that place has some quality bass in it and I think it's rarely fished
    12. Tripp Cave 0
      Nice hog
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