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7/31/2014 1:51:25 PM

Got em on the yak

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Other Shark
Goulds Inlet

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    1. DylanCa 0
      Nice shark
    2. bo_pierce 0
      You can catch sharks and rays and the occasional bull redfish if you're lucky. Flounder and trout are also biting. Yes you should be able to catch mullet @pastormike
    3. mike hicks 0
      @bo_pierce you are the one I was asking the question, see first comment
    4. mike hicks 0
      @bo_pierce34 I will be down at Amelia island next week on vacation, what's biting on pier and in surf also are the finger mullet running so I can catch some ...more with my cast bet, thanks for your input???
    5. averyprobst 0
      Do you live on ssi?
    6. bo_pierce 0
      Lol. He just kept spinning me in circles. @Gone_fishingg
    7. Gone_fishingg 0
      How far did he pull u? lol
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