A photo of Lucas McQuiston's catch

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Lucas McQuiston
7/29/2014 7:34:37 PM

Coolest thing I have done fishing. Caught with my bare hands. Fished all night for flathead with @cstrege17 didn't catch anything.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Bartlett Reservoir

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    1. connor strege 0
      hey man text me let's go get a flatty! @Lucasmcq 6023763230
    2. connor strege 0
      hey text me I lost your number. let's go today.
    3. Lucas McQuiston 0
      Yeah definitely. Need to get that big one. @cstrege17
    4. connor strege 0
      Hahaha dude that was awesome. we gotta get back out there soon. @Lucasmcq
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