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Lucas McQuiston
7/25/2014 9:59:08 PM

I can't seem to catch flathead. I've caught only one ever. I fish at Bartlett lake, iv been going a lot lately staying till 3 am, and catching nothing. How can I catch these fish? I'm using live bluegill on the bottom as bait.

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Flathead Catfish
Bartlett Reservoir

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Flathead fishing


    1. Lucas McQuiston 0
      Bro I'm moving out today.
    2. connor strege 0
      yo you wanna go today!? @Lucasmcq
    3. connor strege 0
      going with my friends tonight. 602 376 3230
    4. Lucas McQuiston 0
    5. Lucas McQuiston 0
      I'm down you want to go today? What's your number?
    6. connor strege 0
      come fishing with me this week. meet me out there @Lucasmcq
    7. connor strege 0
      I cut the tail of my carp so it bleed a little. I have had trouble keeping my carp alive because of water temp when I put them in a live well. I cut up the ones ...more I can't revive and chum the shoreline.
    8. connor strege 0
      you need to row out your bait from shore. I got at least 6 bites in 2 days. I went and got a little boat and I row out and drop my 2 to 4 pound carp on a 3 way suspended ...more bobber rig
    9. Lucas McQuiston 0
      That was probably my problem. Iv always been searching for the deepest waters. Thanks again!
    10. Swamp Mafia 0
      I would use 5-6"+ BG but a 1 oz should hold them small baits. I fish them 2-2.5 foot under the surface most of the time. I use circle hooks and hook them behind ...more the dorsal and above the spine.
    11. Lucas McQuiston 0
      Thanks a lot! @SwampMafia ...finding them is the problem I think for me. How much weight if any should I use for say a 2-3 inch bluegill
    12. Swamp Mafia 0
      Will go to look for a meal. I like to get bait in the water a little before dark. I also trim the fins on the larger baits to keep them from towing my gear all over ...more the place.
    13. Swamp Mafia 0
      I use live sun fish more than anything(easy to get) but I think bullheads are the best. I fish shallow near structure, because that's where you will find their ...more natural prey and that's where they
    14. Lucas McQuiston 0
      I would if I could catch a small one! They are rare to come by, they grow fast @IowaAnglers
    15. Joe Olsem 0
      Actually, I might even go smaller than 2lbs. A length of 4in can work just as nice.
    16. Lucas McQuiston 0
      @IowaAnglers thanks for the tips... Iv tried carp before but it's hard to get a 2 pound carp out with my rod
    17. Joe Olsem 0
      If you are after Flatheads I'd keep with the live bluegills or shiners. Or a bundle of nightcrawlers. I have more luck catching them on live baits. But if you ...more really need help @SwampMafia is your guy
    18. Lucas McQuiston 0
      Thanks @hjh38111 and @devron88 I'll try that next time I go out!
    19. devron88 0
      I'm with @hjh38111 on the chicken liver, also mid afternoon to evening seems to be when I catch all my cats. They feed by smell so don't move your bait and ...more get stinky stuff
    20. Henry Holmes 0
      Try some chicken liver it works
    21. Lucas McQuiston 0
      For flathead at Bartlett? I'll try that
    22. Colby Teall 0
      I've had luck on a big piece of ham.
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