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7/24/2014 1:47:59 AM

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Hybrid Striped Bass
Salem Sound

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Black hogy


    1. waterhammer 0
      Thanks for the info bud I appreciate it
    2. patrick84sachetta 0
      @waterhammer I usually use swimming plugs.
    3. waterhammer 0
      Awesome man thanks! What size line, leader, and hooks do you recommend? And do you sink it or free line? Thanks again.
    4. patrick84sachetta 0
      @waterhammer they hit pretty much anything that resembles what they're feeding on. Up here they eat herring, mackerel, bunker, eels, ect. Not sure what they ...more would eat in a lake in NC maybe shad!?
    5. waterhammer 0
      Nice fish man! I'm going to a lake in nc that has stripes in it and I'd love to catch my first one. If you don't mind messaging me, any info on catching ...more these guys would be awesome. Thanks!
    6. Stephen Haines 0
      Cool striper, good eating size yum yum! lol
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