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7/15/2014 11:37:46 PM

Looking in one foot of water around the pilings of boathouse, seeing TONS of pogies being busted at the surface. Then at least 5 flounder breaching the water... Casted the almighty black and chartreuse Hackberry Hustler under the boat house and steady retrieved dragging bottom. Ended up with two of the flounder this being the biggest. Definitely gonna look into this spot for gigging! Wit @Fischer

Catch Details

Gulf Flounder
Calcasieu Lake

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-Shimano curado 200HG -FTU 6'6" MH rod -BBG clear 12lb mono -1/8 oz Saltwater assassin silver jig head -Black and chartreuse Hackberry Hustler soft plastic


    1. Casting22Major 0
      That's a killer Flounder
    2. cole_papa 0
      Didn't get a measurement, but my biggest in sure @coltonrogers19
    3. coltonrogers19 0
      How big is that flounder @cole_papa