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Conley Foeh
7/11/2014 5:26:36 PM

First fish on the new combo was an absolute monster 😂 However, I shouldn't have underestimated the fish because the next cast the biggest cat in the tank broke me off on a pylon lol. Just after a good rain, slight south breeze, partly cloudy. Used a Concept C 7.3:1 reel on a 7' H2O Ethos Micro med/heavy with 30# fins braid

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Channel Catfish

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Cut hot dog


    1. Conley Foeh 0
      May the force be with you @marctrejo
    2. marc trejo 0
      Thx. Now to sneak in an order.
    3. Conley Foeh 0
      Got it from the concept fishing website, it was 230 @marctrejo
    4. marc trejo 0
      Were did you get that reel? About how much? Need to add to my collection. Without wifey finding out.
    5. dillon juarez 0
      That's an awesome setup
    6. Jacob DeRamus 0
      Well that's always good lol
    7. Conley Foeh 0
      It can handle these monsters with no problems at all @redfisher98 😂
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