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Gunner Newberry
7/11/2014 7:03:34 AM

Fishing lights on outgoing then strong incoming tide. Light s wind all night calm water tons of bait in the water. Caught a handful of keepers and about 3 dozen d ink s. Not epic by any stretch but a boatload of fun.

Catch Details

Spotted (Speckled) Trout
Bolivar Peninsula

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Strikepro hunchback, vudu mullet, and double gulp rig


    1. fishing_soccer 0
      Ok thanks for info
    2. Gunner Newberry 0
      @fishing_soccer all of the above listed baits work great in the conditions we were fishing. 2-4' depth in the lights in moderate tidal current. Spoons treat ...more me better during day in 2-3'+ visibility
    3. fishing_soccer 0
      So they work really good for those trout?
    4. txsmith1 0
      I just got one of those lures in white/pink. This is a good sign
    5. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jul 12, 2014!
    6. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Real surprised I wasn't tagged in this haha. Nice catch. It's a matter of time before I find the redfish with the hunchback. Can't keep the bass away ...more from it in the freshwater lol
    7. Gunner Newberry 0
      I went with two light one dark and a white n red. I think. Agree pink n gold or pink n silver is a killer combo.
    8. Conley Foeh 0
      I'll be sure too. What colors do y'all recommend? @ChanceHuiet
    9. Conley Foeh 0
      Thanks guys @GunnerNewberry @ChanceHuiet I'll be sure to pick one up next time
    10. Gunner Newberry 0
      @speckcatcher what he said ^. I got 4 have given one away and always keep one on one of my rods. Check out YouTube for the action on it. I upgraded split rings (3 ...more per lure) and both hooks on each lure
    11. Conley Foeh 0
      Is the hunchback a topwater? I saw one at cables but didn't feel like spending 10 bucks on one. Is it worth it?
    12. Gunner Newberry 0
      @Redsrbetter plus the county is constantly raking our beaches, so the old stuff doesn't go back out with high tides.
    13. Gunner Newberry 0
      @Redsrbetter not horrible. If the wind is due south and currents cooperate a little generally the N jetty will catch a lot of the weed and keep a good chunk of the ...more beach clean
    14. Steve Halbert 0
      How is the weed in the surf on that side?
    15. fishingarlis 0
      Looks like a bass
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