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7/10/2014 2:23:53 PM

KEEP or NOT #3. Your fishing on the fox river you only have caught one other white bass. It's morning and you have all day to fish the limit is 5

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White Bass

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Jitter bug


    1. chaserocks 0
      Oh we usually just keep 5 and go home
    2. ChrisA 0
      You can only keep 5 smallmouth or largemouth bass. It says there is no limit on white bass. This is from the Wisconsin DNR page.
    3. chaserocks 0
      @ChrisA the limit is 5 here in wisconcin
    4. ChrisA 0
      Throw it back unless that's the species you are targeting and you will know you will catch enough for a meal. Also I'm pretty sure the limit is more than ...more 5.
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