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Calvin Fease
7/9/2014 5:52:17 PM

I know this looks like a nice Northern in the pic, but it was only 27.5" long! Sadly, this was the biggest one I caught all week long. It had absolutely choked my custom vibrator jig and I had no pliers, so I had to remove it by hand and came out with my hand all bloodied up! A few minutes before, I had lost a Muskie around 40" because a jet-skier blitzed by my boat at exactly the wrong time.

Catch Details

Northern Pike
Manson Lake

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I caught it on my custom 3/8 oz vibrator jig and a Missile Baits Shockwave as a trailer. I fished it on a 7'1" MH and a 6.4:1 Gen2 Revo Premier spooled with 15# fluorocarbon and a 9" 30# wire leader.


    1. whitebass_81 0
      Still a good pike, caught a 28" two nights ago near dusk on a crank only took one pic because his mouth was torn up though @CalvinFease

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