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7/1/2014 10:40:54 PM

Hey how do u store your tackle while your fishing if u are shore fishing

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Largemouth Bass

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Tackle storage


    1. brentp18 0
      I got a tackle backpack from that has rod holder on the sides 2 big compartments a sunglass compartment and a cubbie for Plano boxes and I just walk around with ...more it on my back I would recommend it.
    2. bassmaster2000 0
      Huh ok thanks for the tips @MarshallFargo
    3. MarshallFargo 0
      and soft plastic worm binders keep your soft plastics together and prevents them from being crushed or bent.
    4. MarshallFargo 0
      some kind of tackle bag or backpack with lots of compartments and 3700 Plano boxes saves a lot of space compared to a traditional tackle box
    5. bassmaster2000 0
      Yeah thats what I do to @tkotattoos
    6. Tim Knecht 0
      I carry all my tackle and gear in a book bag. Much easier to rummage around with and better on the shoulders
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