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Lucas McQuiston
7/1/2014 8:26:26 PM

Caught 111 bluegill in this cast and probably close to a thousand total! Fished for flatheads all night and got nothing. Picked out a few of the big bluegills and took them home. Caught of the pier at rattle snake cove.

Catch Details

Bluegill Sunfish
Bartlett Reservoir

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    1. Lucas McQuiston 0
      That's too bad man. I'm new to flathead fishing. We should hit up the dock sometime!
    2. connor strege 0
      I went out last night to the flats. caught some small carp with my net. big ones on the pole. 2 of my small carp got hit and spit by a flathead.
    3. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      yah I know what you mean I thought I was pulling up a huge stick or something. @Lucasmcq
    4. Lucas McQuiston 0
      Wow. That's impressive. My previous best with my net before this was 20. So I was shocked I got that many haha @geoffreypolefko
    5. Geoffrey Polefko 0
      nice I got 211 in mine on my page but mine were all super small. @Lucasmcq
    6. anthony jacobson 0
      Whoa that's a lot of bluegill to catch in one cast
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