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6/27/2014 10:57:58 PM

I was just straight lining that buzz bait and she hammered it. I was useing a Abu Garcia orra sx winch series reel with a Abu Garcia orra sx rod with 12 pound mono.

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Largemouth Bass

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Black boo yah buzz bait


    1. bassmaster2000 0
      Yeah for sure @bassslayer420
    2. Jackie Ricks 0
      Nice catch btw! I bet that thing was a hog prespawn!! @bassmaster2000
    3. bassmaster2000 0
      Ok thanks for the tip @bassslayer420
    4. Jackie Ricks 0
      The fish! Try to be careful the way you hold em bud, you gotta support the tail when you hold a fish like thT! @bassmaster2000
    5. Jackie Ricks 0
      Your not quite jaw jacking the fish.. But your still gonna injur
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