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Mike Ammenwerth
6/26/2014 2:54:50 AM

Fishing at night is like a box of chocolates! You never know what you gonna get. Sometimes you don't even see what you have until it's at the boat. Sometimes you don't get to see the fish at all. Fortunately that wasn't the case this time. A tip of advice, if it feels like a good one, tell your net man immediately. It's better to cry wolf than to cry over losing the fish of a lifetime.

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Austin (Austin)

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Tiki Anaconda on a 1/2oz Swim Jig


    1. hall_benton 0
      Nice bass!
    2. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jun 27, 2014!
    3. Qmatty 0
      @Vinnyman42 I hear ya bro hope you like it!
    4. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      @Qmatty Game changing! I love it! It's nice not having to paddle sometimes. I still love kayak fishing though.
    5. Qmatty 0
      Good one, how are u liking the new boat?
    6. MrPopular 0
      Congrats! You made it on the popular page on Jun 26, 2014!
    7. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      @Basselstiltskin a GoPro mounted to a "panfish"
    8. @Vinnyman42 nice fish what kinda setup do u use on ur yak to get ur photos?
    9. Roger Connolly 0
      Nice hog!
    10. Mike Ammenwerth 0
      @RyanEllis no
    11. brentp18 0
      Nice fish!
    12. RyanEllis 0
      Well said. Did you fish the Wednesday night tounrey?
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