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Michael Meeker
6/23/2014 7:06:00 PM

5-6lb Redfish blasted my live shrimp under a popping cork; morning bite on the last of the outgoing tide; water temp around 78; outside temp 84; wading the docks in knee high to waist deep waters!

Catch Details

Red (redfish) Drum
Jensen Beach

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Live shrimp! Shimano Ci4 3000 Reel; 7'0" TFO Medium Action Rod; 15lb Power Pro Braid; 30lb Seaguar Flourocarbon Leader; using popping corks up close to docks in clear water!


    1. Michael Meeker 0
      Thank you fellas! @bamabaker @KingCisar
    2. Christian Cisar 0
      beautiful red. and nice hat
    3. bamabaker 0
      Pretty fish!

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