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6/13/2014 10:00:02 PM

80* lots of cloud coverage fishing big schools of reds with a popping cork they were biting on popping it twice then long pause then popping it twice then by then we would have had a big one on. 46in 35lb biggest one of the day @MainFishing @Canon_Kilgus

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Red (redfish) Drum

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purple swim bait with charteuse tail under a poping cork setup-penn firce with a h20 express rod with 40lb braid


    1. Fishin_Frank 0
      Thanks ya that would be cool @FlyWhiteGuy87
    2. Austin Austin 0
      Killer red! I want to catch me one on the fly some day.
    3. Fishin_Frank 0
      Thanks @Gavin_and_Bolts
    4. Gavin_and_Bolts 0
      Slayin em FRANK nice red
    5. Fishin_Frank 0
      Haha @Backlash
    6. Backlash . 0
      I'll never hear the end of it now that @MainFishing caught a bigger red than dad. I taught him everything he knows 😄
    7. Fishin_Frank 0
      Thanks Mr. Main! @Backlash
    8. Backlash . 0
      What a hog! Great job Frank.
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