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Brad D
6/10/2014 5:47:41 AM

night fishing with my buddy ant who caught our first hybrid of the summer

Catch Details

Hybrid Bass
Spruce Run Reservoir

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chicken liver


    1. Chris Wieller 0
      got ya..Love that lake. congrats on the fish and thanks for the info.
    2. Brad D 0
      @EasternPaFishing plus we were fishing from the shore
    3. Brad D 0
      @EasternPaFishing nothing.... we dont go the main entrance we fish in the cut outs along the road that boarders the reservoir
    4. Chris Wieller 0
      nice hybrid. .I got a question tho. I know after memorial day you got to pay to fish at Spruce run. since the park ain't open, did it cost anything to fish it ...more at night?
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