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6/6/2014 5:16:57 PM

Fishing with my girlfriend the other day and she foul hooked a tilapia worth eating right in the eye! Ouch lol. If only it wasn't in the bayou!...The tilapia must of been swimming the other direction my girlfriend was reeling. Anybody have any tips on catching Tilapia other then foul hooking it in it's eye?

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Blue Tilapia
Horsepen Bayou

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7" Ribbon tail


    1. zackfishing 0
    2. zackfishing 0
      In horespon bayou use the alge (green) off the rocks with a small treable hook no wait
    3. ArturoC3 0
      I saw this already lol @AlexM1 I really wanna catch me a tilapia one day
    4. AlexM1 0
    5. Ignacio 0
      @tonyboy @sutton_dole @SwampMafia Thanks for the tips I'll post a pic how it turns out for me
    6. Swamp Mafia 0
      Corn, Bread, and worm all work to catch them, but the funnest was is with an arrow. I too have heard the rumors of big cats in lake Houston.😜
    7. Sutton Dole 0
      I catch tilapia in my bayou all the time on corn or small twister grubs and 1" paddle tail on a small 1/16 oz jighead. Be ready for a fight!
    8. miguel moreno 0
      That's Wat I always hear that they catch monster cats.. This man right here @Swampmafia is a beast at catching master cats brotha @Nvchx
    9. Ignacio 0
      @slatwater Supposedly they've been catching a lot of cats
    10. miguel moreno 0
      I heard lake houston ain't all that for bass bro @Nvchx
    11. miguel moreno 0
      Man well hope everything goes good in Florida brotha.. and yeah hit me up brotha
    12. Ignacio 0
      @slatwater Well head over here mayne to my mom's ! Lake Houston's only 15 minutes away the the kayaks out
    13. miguel moreno 0
      and I agree wit u on that one @tonyboy they fight pretty good I've caught them on a worm or shrimp but not often and they sure are good eating to brotha
    14. tonyboy 0
      yea definitely bro im also getting ready cause im going to florida next month so im excited to go fish out there bro @slatwater
    15. miguel moreno 0
      anytime bro just let me know u know I'm always down bro but ur always away from ur pops house @Nvchx
    16. miguel moreno 0
      Just saying another way to catch them @Nvchx @tonyboy and I've been going to local ponds and bayous but nothing major bro I haven't had a chance to go saltwater.. ...more man let me in the trip wit u bro
    17. tonyboy 0
      cast net is cheating cause they dont get a chance to fight but it works good I just like using a trouble hook and weight
    18. tonyboy 0
      @slatwater no brother no fishing lately havent had a chance but I will in two weeks im gonna go crazy lol I found some new spots for largemouth how about u
    19. tonyboy 0
      its not cause tilapia doesnt eat bread like people say or worms and its not as easy as u think u have to give it a try to understand they fight harder than large ...more mouth and some other fishes
    20. Ignacio 0
      @slatwater I hit up Lake Houston other day with my homeboy, but no luck! We gotta wet some line soon as in ASAP!!!!
    21. Ignacio 0
      @slatwater That's cheating bro ain't no excitement in that, that's like having a 10LB bass jump in ur boat it defeats the purpose of fishing lol
    22. miguel moreno 0
      This homie right here catches a butt load of tilapia the way he told u bro @Nvchx
    23. miguel moreno 0
      or cast net bro... wuz up brotha @tonyboy no fishing lately??
    24. Ignacio 0
      @tonyboy So you're saying only way that you catch them is foul hooking them with a treble hook? I've seen people use bread, but I haven't tried it yet...
    25. tonyboy 0
      thats the only way u can catch tilapia with a trouble hook and a weight we do it all the time during the season
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