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cory pina
6/3/2014 3:26:19 AM

Caught lots of these guys this weekend,eating up all my live shrimp

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Black Drum
Chocolate Bay

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live bait


    1. cory pina 0
      Yeah I figured there was another chocolate bay when people were asking me bout how the water looked when I go.The chocolate bay I fish doesn't have to many people ...more fish it and it actually has fish @Hunter_Brown5
    2. Hunter_Brown5 0
      Oh ok cuz there's a chocolate bay here that I grew up on and I know I would of seen your boat out there@flats_fishin
    3. cory pina 0
      Down south,I'm about 20 mins from port O Connor. I catch them in chocolate bay here in port Lavaca @Hunter_Brown5
    4. Hunter_Brown5 0
      Is this chocolate bay near liver pool Tx or down south somewhere@flats_fishin
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