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5/31/2014 5:39:43 PM

A little highlight of the damage @_shorttx @Vinnyman42 and I have been doing on LA. 4 Fridays in a row. Go big or go home fellas!

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Largemouth Bass
Lake Austin (Austin)

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9" black Culprit fat max texas rigged 5/0 ewg 3/8oz weight 50lb braid 7'3" heavy rod


    1. nickhazelwood 0
      Haulin 'em in!
    2. Richie Pusateri 0
      K thanks. I'm heading out tonight on my friends boat and we will see what happens.
    3. Lukeface 0
      Both @yich4 targeting the steep banks pitching cover. That bank opposite the 360 boat launch has been good
    4. Richie Pusateri 0
      So I don't want to force a specific spot out or anything, but are you guys going up the lake from 360 or down it?
    5. greatness627 0
    6. greatness627 0
      We basically had to use the trolling motor til it quit. Half mile short, thank God for some young kids wake boarding out there. They towed us back.
    7. greatness627 0
      Long story short, new motor going in soon. We loves it up there though. Great place to fish. 👍
    8. greatness627 0
      @_shorttx It was all new to us. We slammed fish all day from 7am-10pm. Long long day cause we launched at 360, went up almost to Emma Long park or past it and my ...more buddy's motor quit.
    9. _shorttx 0
      Ok thanks @greatness627 Didn't know if you had fished it before or not. Lot of people telling us we need to hit it. Might have to check it out before too long.
    10. greatness627 0
      There was probably 30-35 boats there that evening. @_shorttx
    11. greatness627 0
      I think their website is TTZ1.com. Not 100% sure though. @_shorttx
    12. greatness627 0
      @_shorttx Buddy and I fished LA 3 weeks ago and it depends on turnout of boats. $40 to get in. Starts 6:30-10:00. We drifted by as it was starting, but didn't ...more get in.
    13. _shorttx 0
      What's the pay out on one of those Wednesday nighters @greatness627
    14. jacobw 0
    15. Lukeface 0
      That's what everybody's telling me @greatness627 I think it's time to make some $$$ doing this. Thanks guys @bassslayer420 @greatness627
    16. greatness627 0
      Nice going brother. Y'all should fish that TTZ on Wednesday nights. Guaranteed money the way y'all have been slammin' em. 👊👍
    17. Jackie Ricks 0
      Killin it! @Lukeface
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