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5/30/2014 4:14:06 AM

Thinking about putting 12LB test SPIDER WIRE EZ FLUORO line on my spinning reel . Gonna be used for freshwater bass fishing. Does anyone use, or has anyone ever tried SPIDER WIRE EZ FLUORO? Some reviews and feed back would be highly appreciated! Thanks tight lines!

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Largemouth Bass

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Spider Wire Ez Fluorocarbon


    1. Giff_Giffin 0
      No problem. Thx for the follow. Good luck
    2. Ignacio 0
      @Giff_Giffin Sounds good to me! Catching a 20Lb on 10Lb Spider Wire don't get any better then that...Thanks for heads up!
    3. Giff_Giffin 0
      Spider wire is great line. Used 10 lb spider wire to catch a nice 20lb bull red. Look at some of my older salt water fishing all fish were caught off of spider ...more wire