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5/17/2014 2:24:11 AM

cant think of a better way to spend such a beautiful evening!!

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Largemouth Bass
Allens Fresh Run

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    1. dalton_malek22 0
      Yea. Mine did to but hey I'm not complaining if it's catching fish. Ya know
    2. FatBASStard 0
      @dalton_malek22 lol sure do man....some times you gotta improvise....snaped my rod and had that one in the shed....figured it would have to do till I can pick up ...more abother rod....worked quite well!!
    3. dalton_malek22 0
      You got a baitcaster on a spinning rod. Lol I did that a while back
    4. junyaah 0
      Doesn't get much better.
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