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5/13/2014 12:32:20 AM

St.croix Mojo Bass rod... 7' med/hvy fast action... Very happy with this rod

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Lake Erie

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    1. kidtone360 0
      @jeff_morton # that sucks.... I have a 5 yr warrantee on mine for free... I have a 7ft med/hvy fast action bait-casting rod... I like getting in that deep cover! ...more Need the back bone
    2. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Well since it won't come up the other way Richard's sporting goods screwed me
    3. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Medium spinning 6'8 and Dick's claimed they didn't have the warranty I bought in their system when I paid an extra $30 for that
    4. kidtone360 0
      @jeff_morton # holy crap!!!! Did you have a light, medium or heavy action? Must of been a defect... That sucks lol
    5. Jeffrey Morton 0
      6lb smallie did a number on mine
    6. kidtone360 0
      @jeff_morton # mine holds up pretty good!!! Hooked on a steelhead by accident n all was good!!!!
    7. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Broke just below the third guide my second trip out with it
    8. Jeffrey Morton 0
      Hated mine
    9. Young_Buckk 0
      I've got one
    10. kidtone360 0
      @mckinney_angler # $118
    11. kidtone360 0
      @fishaboy_22 # I paid $118.00 from gander mountain... It comes with a card like form to send to st. Croix for a 5 yr warrantee ....
    12. mckinney_angler 0
      How much?
    13. kidtone360 0
      @King_Fisher # their great rods.... Getting another one this week ... Was thinking 7'6" to flip n pitch!!! I use this one for skipping under docks n lay ...more downs, also for crank baits n chatter-baits!!!!
    14. jordan lezcano 0
      Sturdy for cranking but I'm more of a plastic worm guy
    15. jordan lezcano 0
      I had one I got for free but I'm a salty so I sold it to one of my buddies for 100 since it was used a little not really and I got it for free
    16. King_Fisher 0
      I have the mojo bass flipping rod and absolutely love it!
    17. kidtone360 0
      @inlet_fisher99 # $118.... Do some research on this rod it's very strong, durable n smooth
    18. jordan lezcano 0
      How much u pay
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