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5/13/2014 12:29:57 AM

Lews speed spool 6:4:1 !!! Awesome reel.... Can cast to hell n back...

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Largemouth Bass
Lake Erie

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    1. OhioFish 0
      I got 10lb spiderwire on my black max and my okumo stratus spinning reel. And I got power pro braid vermillion red on my abu garcia 5500C.
    2. kidtone360 0
      @OhioFish # same here... Sufix 832 50lb braid !!!! Smooth cast, no discoloration n super strong
    3. OhioFish 0
      I prefer braid on my bait casters
    4. kidtone360 0
      @MattLewis # what do you use for line, type of reel n rod?
    5. kidtone360 0
      @MattLewis # it's fun skipping under docks n lay downs... Gives you the advantage over ppl who is afraid to get near any thick cover...
    6. MattLewis 0
      Cool I just learned this year
    7. kidtone360 0
      @MattLewis # about 2 yrs. ago.... My first bait-caster setup was a GSX pro tournament reel 6:5:1 with a 7'6" flipping rod.... Practiced everyday...
    8. MattLewis 0
      When did u first learn to use a bait caster
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