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4/28/2014 2:01:28 AM

I picked this heritage angler kayak up at academy for $500 and a new PFD (Personnel-Flotation-Device) up for about $35 then I got the paddles up for about $80 the reason I paid that much for them is because it has a little slip for when your duck hunting you can put your paddle underneath your duck decoys and grad them and put them in the kayak got a cheap little $4 anchor and I will go more into

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Soil Cons. Site 20 Reservoir

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$760 12ft kayak


    1. kisbass 0
      Cool @P_Garrett
    2. P_Garrett 0
      Nice! I have Hobie Outbacks
    3. kisbass 0
      Thanks @redlights
    4. ReddenD 0
      Sweet ride!!
    5. kisbass 0
      Nice @sickmedo
    6. medo l 0
      Yeh I got a paddle and roof rack
    7. kisbass 0
      Did you gt anything besides the kayak like any accessories @sickmedo
    8. medo l 0
      Nice pick up , I picked mine up to
    9. kisbass 0
      And I will have better grammar in the next post lol I really need to proof read
    10. kisbass 0
      @sickmedo this is it
    11. kisbass 0
      Depth in my next post about the kayak the update if you will
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