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4/14/2014 2:21:47 AM

5'8" tipper

Catch Details

Blacktip Shark
Sea Island Beach

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    1. suttonshelmire 0
    2. adamcudd 0
      Yeah. sea island is infected with pup sharks in the summer. Walk down about 600 yards north of beach club and fish there at night with big baits. @suttonshelmire
    3. suttonshelmire 0
      I fish their often and mine are like 12 inches, and where did you catch that by the beach club?
    4. adamcudd 0
      Tag and releaae @Lucasmcq @suttonshelmire yes why
    5. suttonshelmire 0
      Is that really in sea island?
    6. Lucas McQuiston 0
      So what do you do with these sharks? Keep em? Release em? Shark fishing looks fun!
    7. adamcudd 0
      Little bit @bmftom
    8. bmftom 0
      That almost looks like a silky.
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