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4/13/2014 12:03:44 AM

Cloudy and over cast. I threw the fluke on her bed and flicked it for a wile before it made her mad enough that she slurped it up. Lews speed spool with 12lb test floro on a 7ft Abu Garcia vendetta.

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Largemouth Bass
Lake Travis

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zoom super swimming fluke, Red Watermelon


    1. reddogflies 0
      No man it's not for sale. That's to low of a price anyways. @blu3fish15
    2. John Durish 0
    3. John Durish 0
      I'll give you 135 for the combo
    4. reddogflies 0
      It would've been 200$ for the rod and reel but I won the rod in a tournament. @blu3fish15
    5. John Durish 0
      @reddogflies how much for the combo
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