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3/19/2014 12:54:18 AM

Anything helps! What to use? Where to fish? Ect...

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Smallmouth Bass

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    1. Jesse w 0
      I would slowly drag jigs across rock piles. or a jerkbait with extra long pauses
    2. eastonsutley 0
      Swavers by river to sea
    3. eastonsutley 0
      Water temps are cold here and bass are hitting se avers.
    4. timriggins69 0
      Smoke dank before u fish, it attracts the fish
    5. Austin Buley 0
      No problem good luck!
    6. Christiank 0
      And probably some jigs to get the better fish. And I may even use a flippin craw in the rocks because there are lots of rocks there. @saltlife32
    7. Christiank 0
      weekend using reaction baits and didn't do that great. I'm going out one more time before the tournament and I think I'm going to throw finesse like ...more robo worms @Champion and tubes @AMA0903 @eastonsutley
    8. Christiank 0
      Ok thank you! @saltlife32 @AMA0903 @abuley34 @Champion @eastonsutley the last tournament I fished there I had really good success fishing reaction baits so I went ...more out pre fishing for my tourny this
    9. eastonsutley 0
      Tubes for smallies.
    10. Champion 0
      Dart head a robo worm
    11. Austin Buley 0
      That would be my best guess as to where the fish are
    12. Austin Buley 0
      That'l be a problem... In that case fish will probably still be deeper... Find some points/ridges at least 10+ feet under and drop a jigging spoon or rattletrap ...more down on top of it.
    13. Christiank 0
      There is a few docks but they are pretty shallow do you think they will be there with the water at 46 degrees? @abuley34
    14. Austin Buley 0
      If there are any docks still in the water if throw some dropshots around there
    15. AMA0903 0
      Rattle traps
    16. AMA0903 0
      Tube baits
    17. nathaniel jones 0
      Flippen craw if theres rocks
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