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3/18/2014 1:07:56 AM

I'll be fishing PK which has pretty clear water and I can't figure out which is the best line to put on my reel. I'm leaning towards the braid. Any help would be appreciated. Tight lines!!!

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Largemouth Bass
Possum Kingdom Lake

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    1. amassie 0
      If you don't use a leader on the braid (I don't) make sure you have a pocket knife that'll slice right through it so bait changes go a lot quicker. It's ...more hard to cut through braid with clippers
    2. dylangtrue7 0
      I tend to tie a few feet of mono cause the end of the braided gets damage easily.
    3. AllWaterLife 0
      That's a good idea. And if you start throwing lighter baits like flukes, you'll want the mono because it runs through water a lot more easy.
    4. PKfisherman 0
      Okay. Thanks. @AllWaterLife I'll probably start out without the leader and then decide later if I want it. Thanks for all the great answers btw!
    5. AllWaterLife 0
      You don't HAVE to. It's just a matter of water clarity and amount of cover. If you're flipping jigs into vegetation, you don't want a leader. I don't ...more know PK, so it's your call
    6. PKfisherman 0
      I'll be using jigs and such with the braid, would I still need to tie on some mono? @EthanKitter99 @slatwater @AllWaterLife @dragscreamer @Tannerson @Becket_Holmgren ...more @dylangtrue7
    7. dylangtrue7 0
      I would spool braided line first the, 2-3 feet of mono.
    8. Becket_Holmgren 0
      I love spiderwire stealth braid. I got it on 3 of my reels and it's great. Like @EthanKitter99 I use 30lb. Braid.
    9. Tannerson 0
      I agree with the leader on the braid if your not fishing heavy cover or grass. If you fishing in open water you'll be fine using the mono.
    10. dragscreamer 0
      I had that same problem I stuck with braid and know I tie what's called an Albright knot to the end of my line and have a fluorocarbon leader.
    11. AllWaterLife 0
      I never fish braid with a leader, I think adding a weak line to a strong line doesn't make any sense. But I fish water with 4-6' of vis and the fish bite ...more braid as they do my mono.
    12. miguel moreno 0
      12 lbs fluorcarbon is great I was fishing today real clear waters and it works real good
    13. EthanKitter99 0
      We'll I use the same braid just 30lbs and I fish in ponds mostly but I think it works awesome @PKfisherman
    14. luke s 0
      I would say so because the fish could be line shy if it is clear water
    15. PKfisherman 0
      Okay. But is it like a must to use a leader? @walleyebasshunter
    16. luke s 0
      If you must use braid I would add about a 5 to 8 foot leader of Fluorcarbon line. If you're fine not using braid I would go with Fluorcarbon line.
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