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3/18/2014 12:32:13 AM

Awesome weekend on PK. For info on weather conditions and so forth, look at previous blert. Dads first fish from the kayak. We released this guy.

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White Bass
Possum Kingdom Lake

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Bomber silver slab spoon 7/8 ounce. 6'6 medium quantum q-ray spinning rod and reel with 10 lb mono.


    1. PKfisherman 0
      Okay. Thx. @williamd1999
    2. William William 0
      Lately, and on PK especially, just weightless tx-rigged
    3. PKfisherman 0
    4. PKfisherman 0
      Thanks. Do u use then wacky or just weightless?
    5. William William 0
      I've had limited success fishing PK but I've found senkos is shallow water timber has done well. Good luck
    6. PKfisherman 0
      You know, not really. I'm gonna do that this weekend though. They finally redid their fishing report. @williamd1999
    7. William William 0
      Ever do any largemouth fishing on PK?
    8. PKfisherman 0
      Thanks!!! @tkotattoos
    9. Tim Knecht 0
      Nice!! Looks like a gigantic Perch haha
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