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3/17/2014 4:39:09 AM

Pre fishing for my tournament this next weekend We couldn't find anything with any size fish was suspended in 15 FOW water temp was 46 degrees. Slow rolling the spinnerbait with lots of quick twitches

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Smallmouth Bass

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    1. Jesse 0
      get em this weekend guys. good luck
    2. Christiank 0
      The fish were suspended in about 15-20 FOW for me. I'm going again soon and I think I'm gunna throw shallow. @Oregon_Bass
    3. Oregon_Bass 0
      I know there's big fish in there though. Just gotta find em I guess. Shallow or deep is the question? Haha @Christiank
    4. Christiank 0
      Ya I struggled finding a good amount of fish in a spot or anything with any size yesterday. @Oregon_Bass
    5. Oregon_Bass 0
      A couple times, I've caught a few little smallies from the shore. Nothin special @Christiank
    6. Christiank 0
      Do you ever fish emigrant? @Oregon_Bass
    7. Christiank 0
      I will! @Oregon_Bass
    8. Oregon_Bass 0
      I'm down bud hit me up soon @Christiank
    9. Christiank 0
      Well let's fish together soon and kinda develop a strength and then let's let's tackle some tourneys! @Oregon_Bass
    10. Oregon_Bass 0
      Yeah I can only imagine.
    11. Christiank 0
      Hel1 ya!! I've converted my boat into a bass boat and added a new fish finder it makes all the difference in the world for finding bucket mouths @Oregon_Bass
    12. Oregon_Bass 0
      Yeah I can imagine. If you need a partner I would be down to go out and try to get on some. That would be sick, might even catch some good fish haha @Christiank
    13. Christiank 0
      Dude it's bitch1n!! Shore is good and all but fishing from a boat opens up a whole new world! @Oregon_Bass
    14. Oregon_Bass 0
      So that's deficiently something I'm trying to do soon, I got fishing from the shore down pretty good I really wanna learn how to get on some from a boat ...more in deeper waters and just figure out some lake
    15. Oregon_Bass 0
      Yeah man I could be into that. I was asking because the club I was in isn't doing any tourneys this year. I didn't get to fish a tourney last year and I've ...more actually never even bass fished from a boat
    16. Christiank 0
      Of baseball. @Oregon_Bass
    17. Christiank 0
      Emigrant it's the Rogue Valley Bassmasters. You have to have a boat to fish in it but if you don't have one you could fish we me in some tourneys if you ...more want? Because my partner will miss some because
    18. Oregon_Bass 0
    19. Oregon_Bass 0
      What lake is the tournament on this weekend? And what club are you in?
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