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3/10/2014 8:41:37 PM

Stud 9lb sheepie offshore yesterday

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fiddler crab


    1. masonlupi 0
      @charleseauler I saw you at the sea island jetties this summer with a bass swim bait I'm pretty sure do u remeber me haha
    2. charleseauler 0
    3. charleseauler 0
      Or do u have any tips for surf fishing or any brackish ponds or peers
    4. charleseauler 0
      R u a guide cause I'm in sea island and would pay for a guided trip on the beach to catch some sharks
    5. j_reyes 0
      that thing is huge !! nice
    6. OBX_Fishing 0
      Love those tasty sheepshead.
    7. adamcudd 0
      Thanks. @bankfisher
    8. Nice sheepshead good job
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