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3/4/2014 8:47:08 PM

Cold water, cold weather, and a largemouth craving haha

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Largemouth Bass

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good question? lol


    1. Zach Parvin 0
      Senkos or strike king swimming jigs. Swimmin fluke jr in matching color for a trailer. Get the right weight so that it will just tick the grass but not mar up.
    2. AllWaterLife 0
      Twitch twitch, pause for 3-ish seconds, twitch again.
    3. AllWaterLife 0
      Need to, let them sink a bit then start retrieving. The retrieve should consist only of twitches. Vary how hard you twitch them. Sometimes the bass are eating fast ...more moving, sometimes slow. Should be
    4. AllWaterLife 0
      The jigs or flukes? Jigs, bounce them off the bottom. 1 or 2 or 3 twitches then pause for 4 seconds. Flukes, cast em out, they stay pretty shallow but the bass come ...more up to get them every time. If you
    5. phillyfisher23 0
      @AllWaterLife how do you fish them? Bounce them off the bottom? Or like a slow retrieve?
    6. AllWaterLife 0
      Jigs and flukes. I use a ZOOM baby bass colored fluke and it's freakin magic.
    7. David Fairchild 0
      @phillyfisher23 floating worm, and don't ever forget a weightless Zoom Fluke. Watermelon colors. Start with WM/RD FLK
    8. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      No prob man. That's what I'm here for
    9. phillyfisher23 0
      Thanks alot bro! @Jimmy_Lynch
    10. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Yeah. You'll see, it's really easy and successful
    11. the_bass_master_ 0
    12. the_bass_master_ 0
      You can a rebel popper
    13. phillyfisher23 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch yeahh soo far everything i read on fishing whacky style said watching the line is key in success with it
    14. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Because they can pick it up and swim off with it while you don't suspect or are reeling in slack. Watch for any line movement because more often than not you ...more have a fish.
    15. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      On the worm wiggle on the fall. There really isn't anything to it. You can see some of the bass I've caught with one on my profile such as a 7lb 10oz fish. ...more Any size bass will eat it. Just be ready
    16. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Very simple. Cast out, let it sink to bottom, pull up, repeat. Maybe you can work a few rod twitches in on the rise but usually the fish will hit it on the fall. ...more It has to do with the way the two arms
    17. phillyfisher23 0
      Videos on youtube on how to fish them what are your suggestionsv
    18. phillyfisher23 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch Thanks for the help! Ive been watching
    19. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      That's even better!
    20. phillyfisher23 0
      Got me for christmas im gonna try them out @Jimmy_Lynch
    21. phillyfisher23 0
      I have a bunch of gary yamamoto senkos my girl
    22. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Honestly It's the dumbest rig to use but it works like nothing else! Try yum dingers in watermelon or junebug
    23. phillyfisher23 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch Thats gonna be my new thing to try out this year i never really used a whacky rig i always kindda thought it was TO whacky lol but i see alot of success ...more with it
    24. Jimmy_Lynch 0
      Flip a wacky rigged senko in the open water and next to the vegetation
    25. phillyfisher23 0
      @Jimmy_Lynch yeahh thats gonna be my first try i have a nice little rebel frog lure thats a shallow diver...however its still a little early for the frogs up my ...more way...might do a finesse rigged worm
    26. Jimmy_Lynch 0
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