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jacob kabanuk
2/28/2014 6:55:15 PM

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Largemouth Bass

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gulp alive minnow


    1. Caden Leavell 0
      He's one of my best friends
    2. Caden Leavell 0
      Andrew dufrene @FishingLegends
    3. FishingLegends 0
      I go to prep who do u know there? @C_levi97
    4. jacob kabanuk 0
      Ha nice we will be staying in Houston while we are down there@C_levi97
    5. Caden Leavell 0
      Sweet! Galveston is about an hour from where I'm originally from!
    6. jacob kabanuk 0
      I know jake and somewhere in Galveston on shore and deep sea somewhere out there @C_levi97
    7. Caden Leavell 0
      Jake Scheele...where at in Texas?
    8. jacob kabanuk 0
      And also I'm going to Texas this summer deep sea fishing @C_levi97
    9. jacob kabanuk 0
      who goes to hudson high that you know?
    10. Caden Leavell 0
      Some friends of mine go to Hudson high, and st croix prep!
    11. jacob kabanuk 0
      I go to hudson high @C_levi97
    12. Caden Leavell 0
      That's crazy you live in Hudson! I was just living in River Falls, I just moved back to Texas from there! @fisherman166 and @FishingLegends is that st croix ...more prep academy that you go to school at?
    13. FishingLegends 0
      Yeah no problem catch you later @fisherman166 have a good night and HAPPY BDAY!! a little early haha
    14. jacob kabanuk 0
      Definitely will thanks @FishingLegends
    15. FishingLegends 0
      Super cool thanks for the support!! And spread the word if you can!! @fisherman166
    16. jacob kabanuk 0
      Ok I will be looking at that In. A bit here and my birthday is next Wednesday so I think I will be making some purchases from your site this weekend @FishingLegends
    17. FishingLegends 0
    18. FishingLegends 0
      Make sure u look at fishinglegends not fishinglegend
    19. FishingLegends 0
      Ya just shoot me an email or just even here on fishing scout would b cool
    20. jacob kabanuk 0
      Definitely I can contact you on the website (??? @FishingLegends
    21. FishingLegends 0
    22. FishingLegends 0
      Contact me haha if u want to meet up i can for sure get u free shipping haha
    23. jacob kabanuk 0
    24. jacob kabanuk 0
      Sweet that will be cool!!! And just ask who?? I'll check out your site for sure and I know it's somewhere around there but I truly can't pin point it ...more I fish off the hire where the water runs out @phillyfisher23
    25. FishingLegends 0
      Super cool ill have to check it out this summer i hav never been there does it have a boat launch? And if u check out my site www.fishinglegends.net i can hook up ...more with some deals just ask @fisherman166
    26. jacob kabanuk 0
      Yes I do and um good spot grey cloud cottage grove Saint Paul park use the flicker shad shad color nail them like crazy @FishingLegends
    27. FishingLegends 0
      You know of any good walleye spots in MN i would love to get on some eyes this year!! U go to hudson high? @fisherman166
    28. jacob kabanuk 0
    29. jacob kabanuk 0
      Oh yeah I heard of that school I fish in MN too with my buddy@fishi
    30. FishingLegends 0
      No i go to school in MN at SCPA its in stillwater @fisherman166 hbu?
    31. jacob kabanuk 0
      You go to hudson high ?
    32. jacob kabanuk 0
      I fish right in downtown hudson right by the park and bridge and stuff @FishingLegends do up
    33. FishingLegends 0
      Yeah!! What spots in the river i dont fish it that often i fish with my brother mostly in MN around the cities and Mille Lacs @fisherman166
    34. jacob kabanuk 0
    35. jacob kabanuk 0
      We might have to be fishing buddies this year I'm always down at at.croix @fishing
    36. FishingLegends 0
      St croix is always a good place to catch some nice fish too @fisherman166
    37. FishingLegends 0
      Thats where i live!!! I live by bass lake and u can get some nice fish out of there but it has been hit or miss for me the last few trips out @fisherman166
    38. jacob kabanuk 0
    39. jacob kabanuk 0
      I move to hudson WI right across the bridge
    40. FishingLegends 0
      Where in WI did u move? @fisherman166
    41. Ben_Sanford 0
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