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2/25/2014 12:30:44 AM

I'm not sure but I think this is a bowfin

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yum lizard


    1. Swamp Mafia 0
      Nice bowfin. Welcome to FishingScout.
    2. Austin_White 0
      Alright @BrandonScottAlt
    3. Brandon alt 0
      Lost my contacts. Text me so I can get your number
    4. Brandon alt 0
      Oh it says it... Nvm
    5. Brandon alt 0
      Haha alright what bait?
    6. Austin_White 0
      It's in a secret spot 😏 aka you know where it is @BrandonScottAlt
    7. Austin_White 0
      He swam straight to me right when I set the hook @bassinboy01
    8. Jacob Breaux 0
      Yep sure is! Bet he fought good
    9. Brandon alt 0
      @lureking121 there is your male
    10. Brandon alt 0
      Where did you catch that.... That's a bucket list fish for me
    11. c_barker24 0
      You're correct.
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