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Trey Trey
2/21/2014 9:21:38 PM

I promise y'all I have been fishing every chance I get. I just haven't been "catching" lmao. <---- sarcastic laugh. Just haven't been able to find the fish since moving to Dallas. Success... Finally!

Catch Details

Largemouth Bass
Grapevine Ponds

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Shad Walker


    1. SSNoah 0
      Sweet pic man!
    2. euphoria024 0
      Congrats! I'm hoping to have better luck on the Guadalupe today! We haven't been having good luck this winter! I'm glad the warm weather is back.
    3. Trey Trey 0
      Thanks @pastormike feels great to get my hands on a fish again!
    4. Trey Trey 0
      Thanks @pastormike feels good getting my hands on some
    5. mike hicks 0
      Sick photo.... Nice!!!!
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