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2/18/2014 2:30:00 AM

16 incher. Put up a damn good fight. I was gonna toss him back but he swallowed the hook so I figure it's a good time to filet my first bass and see how it tastes.

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Largemouth Bass
Old Settler's Lake

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Chigger Craw


    1. charles113 0
      HE11 yeah @AFleschman
    2. AFleschman 0
      adda way charles @charles113
    3. Jeff Russell 0
      That's awesome @telerush
    4. Jeff Russell 0
      That's awesome.
    5. telerush 0
      @jruss @lainedillard I grilled it inside foil with loads of butter and Italian dressing. Tasted great. Even my 2 toddler boys loved it. I mostly catch and release ...more but my boys wanted to try one out!
    6. charles113 0
      That's terrible
    7. Joey Russell 0
      I know the law, it's just a shame that a 2.5-3# fish had to die when you could have just cut the line and given it a chance @telerush
    8. telerush 0
      @joeyfishes What are you talking about? He's 16 inches. Texas minimum to keep is 14. Not like I filleted a baby. And fat chance of a fish living with a big bass ...more hook deep in throat.
    9. Joey Russell 0
      You could have just cut the line as soon as you saw he was gut hooked. No reason that fish should have died, especially a fish that size. What a shame
    10. plugger 0
    11. Laine Dillard 0
      Try a piece with just salt and cornmeal and standard of me is different based on the fish some I like skin on some skin off some but usually with bass I grill on ...more the half shell with skin an scales on
    12. telerush 0
      @jruss corn meal sounds good.
    13. telerush 0
      Nice, I might try corn meal.
    14. Jeff Russell 0
      Yes no bone or skin. I usually corn meal with salt and pepper.
    15. telerush 0
      @jruss I'm thinking breaded and dried with lemon juice.
    16. telerush 0
      @lainedillard You mean a standard filet?
    17. telerush 0
      Any preference for bass? I might try breaded and fried with lemon juice.
    18. Laine Dillard 0
      I agree with @jruss just get the skinn off of it
    19. Jeff Russell 0
      I prefer bass over bream or crappie. And they don't taste like chicken. Lol. I mostly catch and release but will keep a couple to fry up every once and a while.
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