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2/5/2014 12:07:53 AM

I'm looking to buy a rod and reel for frog fishing and need suggestions! What kind of setups do you all use for froggin?

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Largemouth Bass

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    1. TheBoog 0
      Yea man sounds like a winner
    2. MDBassmaster 0
      @TheBoog Thanks for all the advice! I'm definitely not constantly hooking 5 pounders so I think a medium heavy would work fine for my purposes. Also I was thinking ...more a 7'6", a 7.1:1, and 50 pound braid
    3. TheBoog 0
      Oh obviously braid 30-65 depending on weeds don't bs w/ em
    4. TheBoog 0
      So my perfect set up would b a stout MH to H with a moderate fast tip 6'10" cuz ima bank fisher n 7.6:1 real.. Sorry bout being long winded but this is ...more my fav way to fish
    5. TheBoog 0
      4. The reel is important as well u want a pretty fast real 7.0:1 to 8.0:1 u still want to give the fish a sec b4 setting his a$$ straight
    6. TheBoog 0
      To walk with the rod tip up which is difficult for me
    7. TheBoog 0
      3. The length of the rod is most important to me.. The longer the more leverage it'll get the fish's head up. However if u fish from a bank a long rod will ...more make it difficult to walk unless u learn
    8. TheBoog 0
      It will give the fish a second more to take the bait b4 the rod loads up
    9. TheBoog 0
      2. The action of the rod(tip) gives u the ability to walk anything more than a fast action will make walkin more difficult, however a slower action will give u more ...more leeway if u set the hook prematurly
    10. TheBoog 0
      1. The power of the rod is not that important unless ur consistently hookin 5#ers in the heaviest slop.. The heavier the rod the more ur casting distance declines ...more n u must throw larger heavier baits
    11. TheBoog 0
      Yo bruh just lookin at MD blerts n I saw this.. Last ur I literally only fished frogs from the heaviest pad mats to open water so here's what I learned..
    12. lukebent254 0
      75-150 @crookcody16
    13. Jacob DeRamus 0
      I use a Lew's Tournament MG 6.3:1 gear ratio and a MH Falcon HD and 50 lb braid I like a 6.3:1 reel because you can get the torque you need but also get sone ...more speed at the same time.
    14. gr82bstr8 0
      @DarkHelmet57 you need at least a 7' heavy rod & braided line. I use 30lb PowerPro Slick on mine. As far as a reel, I've read & been told to use ...more something with a high gear ratio like 7.0:1 or higher.
    15. topwater_beast Woop 0
      i use a 7'mh duckett rod
    16. william spencer 0
      I like to use the Abu Garcia Veritas. It also can be bought in medium-heavy but I have the heavy. Very light for its size and durable
    17. MDBassmaster 0
      @crookcody16 $50 on Tackle Warehouse
    18. MDBassmaster 0
      Ok thanks @huntingandfishing
    19. huntingandfishing 0
      Yeah you need a heavy rod. It doesn't make it harder just have a fast taper rod so you can get that soft tip and make it walk better
    20. MDBassmaster 0
      Thanks @williamd1999 @bmlum @lukebent254 @huntingandfishing I fish heavy pads and I wanted to know if a heavy action rod is necessary because I heard that it makes ...more it harder to walk a frog
    21. crookcody19 0
      How much is the black max? @lukebent254
    22. huntingandfishing 0
      I wouldn't use a black max for frogging. @lukebent254 Use a heavy or xtra heavy and braid like @williamd1999 said
    23. lukebent254 0
      Abu Garcia Black Maxx
    24. Brandon Lum 0
      I use a dobyns 735c with a chronarch ci4 hg
    25. William William 0
      Help you secure a solid and strong hook set at the top of the mouth where it's wanted.
    26. William William 0
      Heavy rods with heavy braid is the key. Need a nice long stiff rod to get the leverage and raw power you need for pulling bass out of those lily pads, grass mats, ...more etc. braid has low stretch and will..
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