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1/15/2014 2:58:09 AM

What it your top 5 wacky worm color and brand

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Largemouth Bass

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wacky worm


    1. mike hicks 0
      1st 5in Senko black/red flake... and 5in yum dinger green w/ white belly 5in yum dinger sweet tater pie
    2. Tannerson 0
      Green pumpin, and June bug are my 3 go to colors.
    3. Tannerson 0
      For a wacky rig I throw mostly senkos but I also catch plenty of fish on zoom finesse worm with a weight weedless hook. I change Color a lot until I find what they ...more want but watermelon green ....
    4. Calvin Fease 0
      I'll use 4 wacky worms. 1st: 5" Senko (color changes by the hour), 4" Senko (color changes), BPS Flick'n'Shimmy (Plum usually works well), ...more and a Zoom Finesse Worm [finesse techniques (chartreuse?!?!)]
    5. Austin Buley 0
      Southern strong baits 5.25 inch Senko in blue w/ black flake
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