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1/1/2014 3:10:45 AM

Got my new two piece unlimited custom marquesa rod. My buddy made it and its amazing. The trx 50w fits it great.

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Scalloped Hammerhead Shark
Jekyll Sound

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    1. fishforlife123 0
      Hey we should meet up and fish one day
    2. fishforlife123 0
      U ready for spring @cameron_mcclellan
    3. fishforlife123 0
      Ok thanks
    4. cameron_mcclellan 0
      Rod is a two peace uni butt, with the butt its 6'6 and with out the butt its 5'0 @jacob_new it has 1200 yards of 130 jb line at @fishforlife123
    5. jacob jacob 0
      How long is the rod?
    6. fishforlife123 0
      Nice man what pound line if u don't mind me asking
    7. lemesnil 0
      Outrageous setup...
    8. j_reyes 0
      them 100lbs of drag thoe ✔✔
    9. Jacob Breaux 0
      That's BAD A man! Can't wait to see blerts of some big ole toothy fish pulled up with that!
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