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12/29/2013 11:39:57 PM

I went down to Castell Texas to catch some rainbows. It was overcast all day but we had realy good water clarity could see the bottom every where. I caught around 15 of these guys the largest was 13in

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Golden Rainbow Trout
Llano River

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prince nymph


    1. reddogflies 0
      Ya reddogflys@yahoo.com
    2. RyanEllis 0
      Do you have a buisness email? @reddogflies
    3. RiverBoyPat 0
      I love fishing on the lano
    4. reddogflies 0
      Oh next time I am there I will try it! @dillonjuarez
    5. dillon juarez 0
      I talked to fly fishing guide in that area he said big streamers catch really big trout there @reddogflies
    6. reddogflies 0
      Some good food and lots of feisty stocked rainbows on the llano!
    7. reddogflies 0
      All but one was caught on the prince nymph. I had a 8ft leader and split shot 15 in above the fly with a strike indicator about 3 feet up the line. They are awesome ...more to catch!head out to castell for
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