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12/29/2013 4:50:15 AM

Hey I was wondering if any body would be interested in this fly I made the pattern up it is a dry fly made to look like a grass hopper or other large insect comment if you would think it would be a

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Golden Rainbow Trout

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    1. reddogflies 0
      No problem
    2. Colby Teall 0
      Ok thanks
    3. reddogflies 0
      Hey @colby12 my website is called reddogflies.com
    4. Colby Teall 0
      What's ur website called?
    5. RyanEllis 0
      On Instagram, tell it about it to my friends, also put you guys on my fishing youtube channel before every video? Private message me for more stuff. Thanks! @reddogflies
    6. RyanEllis 0
      Nice! I I was wondering are you guys sponsoring anyone. I could help advertise your company
    7. MusicCityBass 0
      Ok thanks
    8. reddogflies 0
      I will post a how too later. @FishAndChicks ok everyone likes it I will add it to my website! @rellis1 I have had a few.
    9. MusicCityBass 0
      @reddogflies how did you make it because i want to make one so bad...is it just like a parachute adams with legs
    10. dillon juarez 0
      I don't remember the name of the bug they skate across the surface of ponds but they are killer for trout looks nice @reddogflies
    11. MusicCityBass 0
      Its kinda like a parachute adams with legs so i dont see why not
    12. RyanEllis 0
      Have you had any sells yet? @reddogflies
    13. catfishKING97 0
      Looks great
    14. reddogflies 0
      Good addition to my website
    15. reddogflies 0
      Addition to my website
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